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Saturday I went to the Jane Austen festival in Louisville. It was a lot of fun and would definitely be worth a return trip. With my usual photographic habits, I managed to take exactly two pictures at the festival at Locust Grove, both of them after 4:00, even though I had been there since a few minutes after 10:00. So you don't get pictures. The people I spent most of the day with didn't do much in the way of picture-taking either so I don't have much to share there.

I did manage to get someone to take some pictures of me at the ball in the evening so I do have those. And I sat out one dance so that I could take pictures of the dancers for a friend.

So here are the official pictures of my little evening bodice. Doesn't it look better on a body than spread on a bed?

1800's White Dress with Evening Accessories

1800's Evening Bodice - Back

Jane Austen Festival Ball

I think the neckline and waistline ended up working very well between the bodice and the dress. This was the first time I took the long sleeves out of my dress and wore it as a short-sleeved dress.

The wrapped turban was done following [ profile] jenthompson's tutorial. It was so easy that I was able to take the fabric with me and do it in the bathroom before the ball. I was prepared to go straight from the festival to the ball but fortunately didn't have to. I took the long sleeves, neck handkerchief, hat, and pinball off and put the sleeveless bodice and turban on, and I was ready to go.

My hair behaved itself quite nicely, I think. I did small pin curls with setting lotion, and they lasted pretty well despite the humidity. Here's what they looked like after the ball was over and I was back in the hotel room.

After the Ball

Better than all the costuming stuff was getting to meet some people in person - I spent most of the day with [ profile] koshka_the_cat, [ profile] girliegirl32786, and [ profile] gilded_garb. I also saw [ profile] grace_lee_19c for the first time since DressU, though I have to admit I didn't recognize her right off, and I met [ profile] tayloropolis and Natalie Ferguson of A Frolic through Time. It was fun talking twins with the latter since hers are roughly the same age as mine. I also met a couple of lovely ladies from St. Louis who were quite friendly at the ball.

I'll get around to discussing other aspects of my trip after I figure out what happened to the pictures.
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At the Houston Area Regency Society picnic last month, Kaycee Cheramie photographed the white 1800's dress I made this spring. It's slightly off-white cotton lawn and completely hand-sewn. It's based on the 1798-1805 dress in Patterns of Fashion. I used the sleeve pattern as is from that dress, but the bodice used patterns I already had fitted and just modified to get the lines of the bodice right. The only decoration is tambour embroidery on the bib. I'm really pleased with how the whole thing came out.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (15)

More pictures )

And my pinball...

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (23)
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Saturday, 11 April was the first outing of the newly-formed Houston Area Regency Society. We met at Fernland Park in Montgomery for a picnic and a visit to some nearby antique stores. It took me quite a while to find the place - my GPS denied the existence of the address, and Google Maps thought it was a block away from its actual location. Nevertheless, I eventually arrived to find that the other attendees had made my food contributions superfluous. I brought a little more than enough to feed myself; they brought enough to supply a small army. In their defense, there were more people expected than actually arrived, possibly due to the very threatening weather forecast. We wound up with three ladies and two gentlemen, as even an event as I've ever been to.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (5)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (7)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (9)

We ate our fill with loads left over then took some photographs and bowled.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (11)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (14)

After that it was a walk around the lake (more of a pond, really) where Kaycee and Travis took a lot more pictures. Then we looked about the buildings, several of which were locked, and had a chat with the docent on duty. We must have spent a great deal longer walking than I had realized because I got the worst sunburn I've had in I don't know how long - at least twelve years. Good company has a way of making the time fly by.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (34)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (29)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (28)

From the park we retired to a nearby wine bar, which was nice but was the scene of the greatest drama of the afternoon, involving spilt red wine and broken glass.


When I left the others were discussing visiting antique shops down the street, but I opted out so that I could go home and wash out my dress. Fortunately, a good soak and two washes, and my dress was as good as new, though sorely in need of ironing.

Kaycee has kindly shared her pictures, and I think they're just lovely. And I've finally got pictures of my new white dress, but I'll post about it separately.

There is another event in the planning at a teashop in Spring on May 23. I'm looking forward to it. Information about the society can be found on Facebook, Google+, and My Regency Life.


Apr. 16th, 2015 04:33 pm
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I'm working on a proper write-up of the Houston Area Regency Society picnic last weekend, but for now I wanted to link to some of Kaycee's pictures. They're really lovely.

My white dress
My new pinball
My favorite picture

I'm not sure how to get them to show up in the text here so I've just got links. I'm lucky that we've got good photographers in both this group and the DFWCG. It makes me feel better about being a lousy and disinterested photographer. (It's a family characteristic. I can't tell you how many pictures we have of people missing the tops of their heads going back a couple of generations.)

In Arrears

Apr. 13th, 2015 11:19 am
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I'm quite in arrears on pictures. I've finished an 1800's drop-front dress, a 1930's bolero, and a 1950's sundress without taking any pictures of them on me. Saturday, pictures were finally taken of the Regency little white dress. Today I put on a 1930's dress for the sole purpose of finally getting pictures of my bolero. I have to wait for the sunburn I got Saturday to clear up before I take pictures of my 1950's dress. (Yes, I lost track of time on Saturday and am living with the consequences.) I'll write something about the picnic Saturday, but it won't be right now.

Anyway, at least I have bolero pictures.

1930s Bolero 2

1930s Bolero 3

I think it came out nicely, though I had to take a bit out of the sleeve caps so I didn't have the late 1930's linebacker shoulders, and I only pinned the ties on so that I wouldn't always have to have a little bow. Little bows just seem a bit peculiar in 2015.
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The archery event yesterday was loads of fun - the shooting, the lunch, and the chatting afterward. Unfortunately, how many pictures did I take? 0. How many times did I even take out my camera? 0. Not that it would have mattered anyway because I had to stop taking pictures of the Altman Magazine on Thursday because my battery was dying so I charged it and somehow neglected to put it back in the camera before packing for the weekend. Oops.

I wore my new white dress and bonnet and my old rose pelisse. I had thought we were going to be outside so I also had my shawl and muff, which wound up being completely superfluous. I usually pack pretty light, but with the weather lately, you never know.

So I hope someone else posts some pictures, and I'll have to get dressed up again at some point so I can get pictures of my dress.

And for the record, the back of my neck is sunburnt. I knew I should have taken off my bonnet so that my hood would stop slipping off my head. (From the shape, I know I was burnt during lunch, not during the conversation in the parking lot.)


Feb. 6th, 2015 07:43 am
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I basted in the long sleeves of my little white dress last night so that dress is done unless I decide to shorten it a bit. I need to wander around in it for awhile to decide. I'm not going to bother taking pictures of it yet since I'm hoping someone will be willing at the archery event. But I do have a picture of it flat on the bed as proof that it exists.

1800s Little White Dress

And I took a closer shot of the bib front, which I think came out satisfactorily. I definitely see more tambour embroidery in my future.

1800s Little White Dress Bib Front

Last night I also finished cutting out the lawn layers of my 1950's dress, and I made it with a few inches to spare and some pieces to cut bias binding from. So my ten yards (plus any generosity on the part of was enough for a set of 1880's combinations, a 1950's dress with two layers of skirt, and an 1800's bib-front dress with no piecing in any of it. Not bad, if I do say so myself.

I also picked up my sewing machine yesterday so now I can sew up my 1890's petticoat. That shouldn't take much time at all, other than the bit about flat-felled seams being a pain. It's just going to be plain, and I'll starch it. No fancy insertions or embroideries on it. I will also start work on an 1800's bonnet shortly so that I can get away without wearing a cap to the archery event. I'm not very fond of my cap...

As a final note, I'm nearly to the armscye on the second front of my 1930's bolero.
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I bought a ticket for the Archery and Jane Austen event today so I'm officially going. I've got a third of my tambour embroidery done so I should have the dress finished this week and still have three weeks left to make a bonnet. I'm not going to win any awards with my embroidery, but I think it's fair enough.


Now here's hoping there will be something else going on after the event that I can join in on. It would make the drive more worthwhile.
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I set the skirt on my little white dress yesterday so it's almost a dress!

1800s Little White Dress - Back

All it needs is the bib front, though I also want a long-sleeved option since I'm trying to work out an opportunity to wear it the first week of March.
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I've been working on my Regency little white dress and making pretty good progress. I've finished assembling the bodice, less the drop front section, and made up and set the sleeves. The skirt is made up so now it's ready to be gathered and pleated to the bodice and front tie. As soon as I cut out the rest of the sleeves (the optional long sleeves) and the bodice front, I can finish cutting out the 1950's dress I started cutting a couple of weeks ago.

My 1930's bolero is progressing slowly, but I'm about halfway through the first side of the front.
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I finished my 1770's dress remake, though I have yet to put it on to take pictures. I'm going to try to get my husband to take them because it's so much faster having a photographer. I'm definitely not an expert with the timer.

Then I started a new dress. I was cutting out a 1950's dress that's going to be a blue-flowered silk/cotton voile flat-lined with lawn when I decided I needed a plain white drop-front Regency dress. So I started that. Now I've made up the bodice and cut the skirt panels and cut a muslin test sleeve. I intend the whole thing to be hand-sewn, and I'm hoping to have it finished within a couple of weeks. I'm debating trying to embroider the bodice front but thought I'd put the rest of the dress together first and see what I thought.

My 1930's bolero is coming along, though I haven't worked on it much the last couple of days. But the back is finished until the shoulder seams are done and the yoke can be knit, and I'm through the first two lace pattern repeats of the first front. Satisfactory.


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