Mar. 6th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Our March HARS event was a tea yesterday afternoon. It was a very nice time. The Grahams seem to be becoming regulars at the events, which is great because they're awfully nice people. Megan, who first came to our Rienzi outing, was there, and she had made herself a costume in a beautiful shade of green. We even had two new people - Kayla who came in 1780's and her husband Juan. Kayla evidently knows some people in Dallas, but she just moved here a few months ago. I'm glad she found us already because she seems quite nice. It was an extraordinary event when 43% of the participants had (natural) red hair. That just doesn't happen outside of family reunions.

The only pictures I have are some that Martha took of my new bonnet and spencer, but I saw Greg take several pictures so I hope some of them will be posted to the Facebook page, if nowhere else.

Next up will be archery in April.

1800's Bonnet and Spencer

1800's Bonnet and Spencer - back

1806 Bonnet

I put my spencer on in a hurry and didn't realize that it ended up shifted back a bit - so the back neck should be a little higher and the front neck a little lower than it is in these pictures. Then it would look more normal.
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With some Regency events coming up through the winter and spring, I thought a spencer would be in order. I finished it up last week, and I think it will suit nicely. It's based on a brown holland spencer in Costume in Detail dated to about 1810. The original is unlined, but mine is lined with cotton.

The pattern is based on the pattern I draped for my pelisse a couple of years, but I put the front on the straight of grain instead of the bias. It took about a 1.25 yd of fabric and lining and 2 yd of ribbon for ties. The belt pins closed.

The body and collar are handsewn, but I had the machine out for something else near the end of the project and ended up doing most of the work on the sleeves by machine.

1800's Red Spencer

1800's Red Spencer - Back

1800's Red Spencer - Front

1800's Spencer - Tails and Trim

The trim on the back is silk sewn over cardboard bases with tassels glued to the back. The threads of the tassels were too had to sew down so they got glued. It's not hot glue so maybe it's period!
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1. The front of my 1930's sweater is finished! I'm not going to post a picture because it looks just like the back except that the neck is lower.

2. If you like pork, apples, and pie, you should try this recipe for Cheshire Pork Pie. It's really good. (It doesn't reheat all that well, but that's because of the crust - no pie reheats very well.) It's also pretty easy. When I do it again, I'll cut the pork into bite-size pieces instead of slices because eating a pie with a knife and fork is a bit weird. I'll also skip the olive oil, which is an alteration to the Williamsburg recipe. I really didn't need two tablespoons of butter/oil to brown the pork. I couldn't find any McIntosh apples at the store so I did three Granny Smiths but could have stood to do four. I don't have a sensitive enough sense of taste to tell the difference. I don't tend to rave about food, but this was really, really good.

3. My current pinball project has been slowly idling along, but I'm halfway finished with the second side. If I do it at night, I'll have it finished before Christmas, which I've kind of set as a goal. After all, I've been working on it a little at a time since August.

4. I finally bought false hair to work with for historical events. One of my goals for the year was to get better with hair. I've done a bit throughout the year, and [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson helped me figure out what color I needed so now I've got something to work with.

5. My white Regency dress doesn't fit over my 1790's stays. The stays are too high in the back for it. I had hoped...oh, well, I guess I can't retire the silly ones just yet.

6. I took pictures of my new spencer today, but I'll post about it separately in a bit (or tomorrow or whenever I get a chance).

7. Kaycee has posted lots of events for the Houston Area Regency Society. If anyone wants to come play with us, check out the Facebook page. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the archery event on 4/23 since it seems to have been really popular last March with the DFWCG.
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After one of the ornaments gave me fits, I managed to wrestle it into submission. It's not the greatest, and the backs of the two cross-stitched ornaments really don't look as nice as past ones have (which is a direct effect of the difficulties they gave me getting themselves assembled). Still, they're finished, and they're on the tree. The tree is getting very full. I actually didn't put up any of the glass ornaments that come in packages of four this year because I didn't know where they could go.

2015 Christmas Ornaments

In more interesting news (because, let's face it, Christmas ornaments aren't actually very interesting, even if kittens are cute), I finished my new 1800's spencer last night. I'll photograph it at some point, but I think I can guarantee that it won't be in the next couple of days. The things I actually need to do were being extremely disagreeable (as in no discernible progress toward the goal after three hours) this morning so it's looking like they're going to take all my time for the rest of the week. Hmph. At least I have a pretty spencer now. And I'm up to the neckline of my sweater so there are things to be pleased about even if my work is disgruntling me.

I think I've decided to keep the butter-colored wool, but I'm not going to work on the Harper's Bazar dress right now. I'll continue to keep an eye out for white/off-white wool and plan to do something Edwardian with this because we all need more costume plans without event plans in our lives. Or maybe I'll eventually give up on white and do this one after all. Time will tell.


Dec. 4th, 2015 02:44 pm
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I ordered cream-colored wool, and it came yesterday, but it's not cream. It may be butter, or it may be buff, but it's much darker than I anticipated. I've been looking for white/off-white wool for about three years now, and the only things I've seen have been heavier (like flannel or broadcloth) and/or at least $25/yd, which is too much for something I'm not going to get a lot of chances to wear. (Actually, I don't want to pay that for fabric for pants that I'm going to wear to work/church at least once a month.)

Now I guess I have some options, and I'll need to decide. Is this as good as it's going to get, and if I want the dress, I'll just have to make it with this, probably with brown trim instead of the green or navy I had been planning on? Do I return it and assume the dress isn't to be right now? Do I try dye remover to see if that helps (obviously on a swatch first, but cutting a swatch will probably make it unreturnable)? Do I hold on to it for some unknown future project (nothing is coming to mind right now except that there was a dress from the late 1860's in the collection at Smithfield that was about this color, though it was probably a cotton or cotton/silk blend, and I wouldn't have enough fabric for the overskirt that went with it)?


And when I was trying to assemble Christmas ornaments last night, my gathering threads broke so I didn't end up finishing that. I'll have to tackle the rest of that tonight. At least the sleeve patterning and cutting for my spencer went well.
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I got back to some sewing over the past week, and I now have most of the body of an 1800's spencer. I need to finish the collar seam and half the hem, and the body will be finished. Then there are sleeves and a belt remaining.

After the whole 1610's ensemble, I thought I was finished with hand-sewing for awhile, but it turns out I was wrong. I've hand-sewn this so far, and I doubt I'll find it worthwhile to pull out the sewing machine for the sleeves, though I'm not committing myself either way. One thing about Regency bodies - the seams are so short it's hardly worth bothering with the machine.


Oct. 21st, 2015 05:24 pm
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I finished patterning a spencer last night, but I didn't feel like cutting so I just knit instead. Still, having a pattern is good. Maybe I'll cut it out tonight. I'll probably have to feel a bit more ambitious than I am at present, though. Knitting is good too...


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