Jun. 21st, 2017

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I've finished the main body of the 1919 slipover bodice and am blocking it. I've got a white/natural wool for the collar, but in searching through my Ravelry project list (yes, Ravelry is how I keep track of what I used for everything) I find that I've only used two different sport weight wools so I'll have to get something else for the edgings.

Here's what it looks like right now.
1919 Slipover Bodice - blocking

I found another error in the pattern - when joining the two fronts together, you have to cast on 13 stitches to make the pattern come out right. The pattern calls for casting on 8, but when you look at the picture, it clearly adds 13 stitches.

Incidentally, when I actually knit the front, I found that it mirrors the back armscye so the side seam does fall under the arms. The ribbing made it look really shallow in back, but in blocking it, it really doesn't look so shallow after all.


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