Mar. 15th, 2017

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I finished one of my 18th century stockings. These are a much firmer knit since they're knit with fingering weight yarn on 4-0 needles. There are 15 st/in and 20 rows/in.

18th Century Stocking

The heel looks extra pointy right now, but I think it will mash down once they've been worn a few times. That's how I recall the other pair working out.

18th Century Stocking

I ran out my second of four balls of yarn with fifteen rows to go at the toe so I used some different yarn to finish off the stocking. I'd rather have a very small different piece at the toe of each stocking than one larger mismatched toe. It will also be interesting to see how close to the end I run out on the second stocking.

18th Century Stocking Toe

Speaking of the second stocking, I need to cast that on at some point, don't I? It's hard to get worked up about it while I don't have a lot of reading to do. Maybe I'll manage it over the weekend. After all, I will be riding the bus next week, and it would be nice to have the stocking.


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