Feb. 22nd, 2017

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A group of us went to see My Fair Lady in 1910's costume Saturday night. It was a very good community theater production at a theater built in the 1930's. It's a nice venue, and they're a good community theater group. I particularly liked their Henry Higgins, Mrs. Higgins was very funny, and Freddy Eynsford-Hill did a marvelous job with "On the Street Where You Live."

Ten of us met for dinner at a restaurant a few blocks away from the theater for a very nice dinner then walked over to the theater for the show. I think we made quite a nice group.

Here's dinner at Jose's Villa Italia:
Dinner Group

In our seats before the curtain:
Theater Seating

A proper group picture after the show:
Theater Group

We also took pictures of the individual couples at the end.
1916 Evening Dress

I'm glad I got to wear my 1916 evening dress again.

All pictures were supplied by Martha Graham.


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