Jan. 30th, 2017

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I need a bonnet for a couple of 1830's events coming up in the next couple of months. I want something like this:

or this:

The first is 1836, and the second is 1835. Neither shows the back.

This one dated 1837 does:

I'm going for about 1835.

Obviously the 1837 one does not allow for hair pulled up and looped on top of the head, but I see examples of a knot that is high but not on top of the head that are dated to about 1835 so that's what I'm planning to do.

I cut out a paper mock-up of the bonnet in view D of Butterick 3805.

The following are pictures taken with my hair high at the back of my head with a bit of a loop sticking up. I didn't take pictures of the hair, but I felt that it was positioned right where period pictures and fashion plates show it being positioned for the loop-on-head fashion.

These pictures were taken with the bonnet resting where it wanted to rest over my hair.

It struck me as having a similar brim profile to this picture, if it were wired:


These pictures were taken with my hair in a knot at the top of the back of my head rather than on top of my head.

I think it's better than I was expecting. I think I need to cut down the brim some at the sides but lengthen it a touch so it comes down more toward my chin.

What do those of you who have studied the 1830's more than I have think?


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