Jan. 27th, 2017

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Here is the 1830's dress I made for my daughter to wear to costumed events with me.

1830's Girl's Dress

It's a little long, but she didn't want me to shorten it so I'm leaving it as is. It's almost all rectangle construction - the only curves are at the armscyes.

I really like the pleated sleeves, but you can't see them very well in the pictures. The fabric was pleated on the top of the arm and smooth underneath. Then there are two bands across the pleats and a third band at the end of the sleeve. It's a detail that I saw on an extant dress online and really liked. The dress I saw was marked 1832-1835, but with that pleated sleeve, I wonder if it wasn't really more like 1837-1839.

1830's Girl's Dress Sleeve Detail

The petticoat underneath definitely gives it more fluff, even if it's not as much fluff as you see in some of the pictures of the time. She probably needs another full petticoat that buttons onto the corded one, but I want to do my dress next, not more underwear!


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