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This ended up seeming to be a year of little pieces more than full garments, though I did make costumes from the skin out for the 1690's and 1910's. I did a lot of knitting this year. One of my goals for the year was to do better with my hair for events, and I think I succeeded. There were some hairdos that I was very proud of. I got to go to a lot of events in different periods and had some opportunities to wear things that I had never really gotten to wear. One of the best parts was getting to meet a couple of LJ friends in real life in July.

I finally made the Le Baiser dress I had been planning for years.
Le Baiser

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I took pictures of my Regency shortgown and petticoat yesterday afternoon. They're both completely hand-sewn and completely from supplies I already had. The main fabrics for each are not only from the stash, they're leftovers from previous projects, which is a kind of double bonus.

Without further ado, here are the pictures.

1800's Shortgown and Petticoat

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While I was getting dressed up, I tried on my 1790's stays with a couple of different things to see what I need to do to make a dress with the right neckline for them. It looks like the pattern that fits with my 1780's stays has the right neckline for the 1790's stays so that will give me a starting place when I decide to make a 1790's dress. I really don't know when I'm going to do that, but at least I have the information I need to make a first swipe at that project when I am ready for it.
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When I bought my ticket to the DFWCG's Costumers' Lost Weekend, I was expecting something like a smaller version of Dress U since that's what it looked like it has been in the past. They changed the format up this year, and it was basically sewing time. I think there was a theme of "Undressed," but I'm not sure how much the theme was followed, and that includes by me.

So I tried to think about what good projects would be and came up with these goals for the weekend.
1. Get a pattern fitted for c. 1700 stays.
2. Get a pattern fitted for the bodice of my 1897 Harper's Bazar dress.
3. Possibly cut out my 1897 dress.
4. Work on my pineapple.

The results of the weekend were
1. I have a fitted pattern for c. 1700 stays.
2. I have a fitted pattern for the 1897 dress' bodice and sleeve linings.
3. I knit a couple of rows of the pineapple.
4. I made all of a little Regency shortgown except for setting half a sleeve.

Needless to say, I finished up the last bit of the shortgown last night so it's off the list. Now I'll need to get worked up enough to put on stays and things to take pictures of the shortgown and petticoat. I also need to take pictures of the 1916 dress so I'm a bit in arrears on pictures.

Now I'll probably spend the next week working on a little project for an aunt and knitting on my pineapple. I think I'm going to focus on it until the leaves are finished. Then I can start on the stays in earnest.
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I took a couple of pictures of finished items this morning.

First the evening bodice laid flat on the bed because it doesn't even remotely fit on the dummy, and I didn't care to put on stays and a dress.

Regency Evening Bodice

I used ideas from a couple of fashion plates, particularly this one held by the Museum of London

and this one, though I'm not sure where it comes from

Second the petticoat, which does fit on the dummy reasonably well.

Regency Petticoat - Front

Tan Wool Petticoat - Back

The construction for it is based on a riding habit in Patterns of Fashion. It has pocket slits and hooks and eyelets on the left, but the right side is sewn to the little bodice.
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The Houston Area Regency Society met up for a sewing day yesterday, and it was very nice. We had half a dozen women sitting around the table with our handwork. I really meant to take a couple of pictures, but as happens so often, I was caught up in the event and didn't think about it until afterward.

I finished up my little evening bodice and most of a wool petticoat and sewed the drawstring channel in a reticule. Very satisfactory. (Later in the evening I put tassels on the reticule and finished the wool petticoat. I also cut out the crinoline for a bustle.) I was quite pleased with all I accomplished.
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My project count exploded yesterday. I cut out a pair of shorts from the same pattern that I used for my playsuit shorts last year but in more serviceable brown twill. I cut out three linen Regency bodice linings because it was probably easier to cut three while the linen was out than to get it out again later. I started knitting a vest. So now I have seven projects that are in some state of completion.

The exciting thing is that I'm halfway through the knitting for my shamrock purse!

Shamrock Purse Progress - 5/10/16

The center section is running about 30 rows to the inch so I've got about 55 more rows to go before I get back to the much faster-moving and more interesting beading. At least I can read a novel while working this part, even if I wouldn't dare read something serious.

My 1916 dress is progressing. It got some nasty looks for a bit because the chiffon ended up being too opaque to work well with my inspiration image so I'm reworking it a bit. The skirt is making good progress. Currently it's hanging, letting the bias drop. I'll get back to it later this week. I'm not sure how far I'll get since I am having bodice fitting issues that I'll have to resolve. Ah, well.

With the mitts finished, of course I needed another mindless knitting project. The vest is from 1912 pattern book published by Lion Brand yarn.

I suspect the model is not wearing the size given - somehow she looks a lot more buxom than a 34"-36" bust. This is interesting because the back is in single ribbing up to the armscyes, which should ensure that the vest keeps a close fit. We'll see how it goes. I've wanted one of these knitted vests ever since I saw a picture of one from a DAR museum exhibit. (I've linked to it before, but I don't want to go and find it right now.)


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