Feb. 17th, 2017 09:10 am
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We had the best-attended HARS event to date last weekend. We had a Valentine tea near downtown Houston, and there were half a dozen new people there, not including my daughters who both came. E wore her new dress.

I took no pictures, of course, but there are a few posted on Facebook. (Please let me know if the link doesn't work. Facebook and I are not friends.)

Our next costuming event (not a HARS event) will be an outing to see My Fair Lady in 1910's costume.
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Partly cloudy with highs in the upper 70’s is about the best weather possible, and that’s exactly what everyone at Memorial Park got on the afternoon of Saturday 11/5/16, including everyone who attended the fall picnic held by the Houston Area Regency Society.

HARS Picnic 11-5-16
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Pictures taken by GG, MG, and MB.

MG's Facebook album is here.
The HARS Facebook album is here.
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The Houston Area Regency Society will be picnicking at Memorial Park on Saturday, beginning at 1:00. Anyone is welcome to attend, whether in costume or not. Children are welcome.

Click here for the event page on Facebook.
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A couple of weeks ago, the Houston Area Regency Society was invited to a private Beethoven piano concert. There were about a dozen attendees at an excellent house party that included a light meal, an hour concert, and cards until we had to break up. About half of the attendees were regular HARS members, and half were other guests of our host and pianist. It was a lot of fun and felt like it fit with novel descriptions of house parties except that we were not served our dinner, it was buffet-style. Compromises are required for modern life, right? Still, it was an excellent afternoon and evening.

HARS Beethoven Concert

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I was really pleased with how my hair came out.

1780's Hair

I followed the setting instructions for one of the hairstyles in 18th Century Hair and Wig Styling (the Plume, I think). I didn't tease it, though, just used a rat and sort of half-combed the curls before pinning them over the rat. I was thrilled that it came out so well, even if my husband wanted me to promise him never to do that to my hair again! Apparently, he doesn't go for the 1780's aesthetic.

The concert got me thinking about things to do at private evening parties since we've had two this year. I think we need more music. Kaycee had a keyboard out at her party in January and offered to let [livejournal.com profile] nuranar and me play, but we didn't have enough notice to work anything up. My repertoire is heavily centered on the 1930's through 1950's so I would have to work something up. Now I need to figure out a way to do something like this, preferably by incorporating Ginger's vocal talents so I don't have to perform alone!
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I know it's short notice, but if anyone is in the Houston area, the Houston Area Regency Society will be attending a small Beethoven concert and tea in Clear Lake on Saturday. Information can be found on the HARS Facebook page. There is limited attendance, but we still have a few spots open. RSVP's need to go to the Facebook page...however that works...
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The Houston Area Regency Society met up for a sewing day yesterday, and it was very nice. We had half a dozen women sitting around the table with our handwork. I really meant to take a couple of pictures, but as happens so often, I was caught up in the event and didn't think about it until afterward.

I finished up my little evening bodice and most of a wool petticoat and sewed the drawstring channel in a reticule. Very satisfactory. (Later in the evening I put tassels on the reticule and finished the wool petticoat. I also cut out the crinoline for a bustle.) I was quite pleased with all I accomplished.

So Close

May. 28th, 2016 03:59 pm
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I think I just have two snaps, one hook and eye, and seven flowers left to finish my 1916 dress. It should be done before the end of the holiday weekend. Then I think I'll have time to put together a crinoline bustle before CLW, which should pack much more nicely than my petticoat with steels and be more appropriate for the Le Baiser dress anyway.

In other updates, the shorts I was making are finished, and I've made progress on the Regency evening bodice. I had to rip out the pineapple and start over - I twisted the stitches when I joined the round so I went to four needles when I cast on again and am much happier about it. At least the second time casting on was rather faster than the first time. My 1912 knit vest is 1.25" short of finishing the back.

We got tons of rain yesterday and Thursday (when I say tons, I mean roads under water and everything), but now the weather seems to have decided it should behave itself for the holiday weekend. It's bright sunshine and 91F.

Next weekend we have a HARS sewing day so that should be fun. We haven't gotten together since the beginning of March due to one thing and another.


Mar. 6th, 2016 12:00 pm
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Our March HARS event was a tea yesterday afternoon. It was a very nice time. The Grahams seem to be becoming regulars at the events, which is great because they're awfully nice people. Megan, who first came to our Rienzi outing, was there, and she had made herself a costume in a beautiful shade of green. We even had two new people - Kayla who came in 1780's and her husband Juan. Kayla evidently knows some people in Dallas, but she just moved here a few months ago. I'm glad she found us already because she seems quite nice. It was an extraordinary event when 43% of the participants had (natural) red hair. That just doesn't happen outside of family reunions.

The only pictures I have are some that Martha took of my new bonnet and spencer, but I saw Greg take several pictures so I hope some of them will be posted to the Facebook page, if nowhere else.

Next up will be archery in April.

1800's Bonnet and Spencer

1800's Bonnet and Spencer - back

1806 Bonnet

I put my spencer on in a hurry and didn't realize that it ended up shifted back a bit - so the back neck should be a little higher and the front neck a little lower than it is in these pictures. Then it would look more normal.
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The Houston Area Regency Society had a museum outing on Sunday at the Museum of Fine Arts' Rienzi house collection. There were eight of us there, including a couple of new people who are interested in joining our costume fun. (Hooray for new people!) Everyone who was at the dinner party last week except our Ft. Worth visitor attended, which gave one person an opportunity to finish up a project that she had originally intended to wear last week.

After the museum, we retired to the Black Labrador for an early dinner and got to enjoy each other's company for another couple of hours.

This time more than one picture was taken, though I think those who took pictures made a bit of an effort. Don't think I'm one of them, though; all the credit goes to others. With that being said, I believe Martha Graham and Kaycee Cheramie took the pictures linked below.

As I mentioned previously, I really didn't want to wear Regency, and the silver exhibit was something like 1650-1825 so I used that as an excuse to wear the 1780 robe a la piemontaise. I'm quite partial to that dress.
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The Houston Area Regency Society held its first event of 2016 on Saturday night. Kaycee held a small dinner party at her house, and it was a real dinner party. Everything was lit by candlelight (which incidentally demonstrated that her house is not prone to drafts since they all burned evenly). There were few of us, but the company was good. Beside our hostess and myself, there was a couple who reenact several periods in the area that someone has been trying to introduce me to for the last few months and whom I was delighted to meet. I enjoyed the Grahams' company very much and look forward to seeing them at more events. There was another couple who had to leave before the party had really started due to illness (preexisting, not a result of the party). I didn't really talk to them much before they left. And best of all, [livejournal.com profile] nuranarcame down to join us.

We gathered in the living room (or should we say drawing room to be in character with the pretense of the party?) before Kaycee ushered us into the dining room for dinner. There was a soup course and a main course and a salad and some very nice vegetables. (The carrots were reported to have burnt and were not served, but they couldn't have been badly burnt because I never smelt it. My sense of smell may not be keen, but badly burnt carrots would have been unpleasant.)

Then we retired to the drawing room again for a game of whist and an array of small edibles, though no one was really hungry enough to do much damage to the display. We didn't play a full rubber, which is my fault. I grow weary of cards easily and had had enough after one game. Mr. Graham didn't care to take my place so we abandoned the cards. Then we sat around and chatted for a fair bit. I didn't mark the time when the Grahams left, but Ginger and I stayed until after midnight. I'm not sure how late we would have stayed had I not known that I was unlikely to be permitted to sleep past 7:00 and that we still had about a 45-minute drive back to my house.

To the best of my knowledge, only one picture was taken the entire evening.

It was a lovely evening.
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1. The front of my 1930's sweater is finished! I'm not going to post a picture because it looks just like the back except that the neck is lower.

2. If you like pork, apples, and pie, you should try this recipe for Cheshire Pork Pie. It's really good. (It doesn't reheat all that well, but that's because of the crust - no pie reheats very well.) It's also pretty easy. When I do it again, I'll cut the pork into bite-size pieces instead of slices because eating a pie with a knife and fork is a bit weird. I'll also skip the olive oil, which is an alteration to the Williamsburg recipe. I really didn't need two tablespoons of butter/oil to brown the pork. I couldn't find any McIntosh apples at the store so I did three Granny Smiths but could have stood to do four. I don't have a sensitive enough sense of taste to tell the difference. I don't tend to rave about food, but this was really, really good.

3. My current pinball project has been slowly idling along, but I'm halfway finished with the second side. If I do it at night, I'll have it finished before Christmas, which I've kind of set as a goal. After all, I've been working on it a little at a time since August.

4. I finally bought false hair to work with for historical events. One of my goals for the year was to get better with hair. I've done a bit throughout the year, and [livejournal.com profile] jenthompson helped me figure out what color I needed so now I've got something to work with.

5. My white Regency dress doesn't fit over my 1790's stays. The stays are too high in the back for it. I had hoped...oh, well, I guess I can't retire the silly ones just yet.

6. I took pictures of my new spencer today, but I'll post about it separately in a bit (or tomorrow or whenever I get a chance).

7. Kaycee has posted lots of events for the Houston Area Regency Society. If anyone wants to come play with us, check out the Facebook page. I would particularly like to draw your attention to the archery event on 4/23 since it seems to have been really popular last March with the DFWCG.


Sep. 26th, 2015 01:59 pm
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After sewing for most of the spring and summer with absolutely no place to wear anything, it looks like events are finally in the near future.

First, there's an English country dance ball on 10/16. I'm not making anything new for it, but I'm going to wear my copper 1820's evening gown for it. That dress definitely deserves another wearing. And I've bartered with [livejournal.com profile] m_of_disguise for a tiara, which I'm looking forward to getting shortly.

Then on some yet to be determined October or November date I'm going to take the children to the Texas Renaissance Festival. I haven't gone to that (or any Renaissance faire for that matter) since I was in college. I always meant to go to the one in Virginia or Maryland with some high school friends who live in the DC area, but somehow it never happened. I'm nearly finished with my things for that, and I'm waffling on whether to try to make anything for the girls.

Hallowe'en is coming up in about a month (five weeks from today, in fact), and I'll get to wear my 1886 dress. My husband has informed me that it's weird that I tell people on Hallowe'en that I'm myself in the year xxxx so I guess I need to find someone to be. I think I'm going to go with Evelyn Emerson from Elizabeth Peters' Egyptological mystery novels. While I don't particularly identify with her, it's the right period, and I have similar coloring - I certainly don't have the dark looks of the protagonist!

Then we're still trying to get a Regency archery event together, probably in early or mid-November. I'm hoping to get a spencer made by then, but if it's chilly, I have a pelisse to wear so it's not of great importance. I don't exactly have a design for it yet, but I do have fabric. That's half the battle, right?

Then there's the DFWCG Georgian picnic the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've got the dress I tried to make for it last year, but it's not very exciting so I need to think of some kind of bright accessories. Or I could wear the green-striped dress that I made over. There's plenty of time to figure that one out, and the weather may ultimately influence my decision.

Dickens on the Strand is only a couple of weeks after that, and I'll need to decide what to wear. I've really only got two dresses from Dickens' working years so I'm inclined toward the wool 1860's dress. We'll see.

Anyway, the rest of the year is starting to look quite full among holidays, costume events, and the start of the opera season. I shall have to husband my time well. Don't be surprised if I don't do much sewing until after the new year!
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The Houston Area Regency Society had a sewing day on Saturday. It wasn't well-attended, but those who did attend made reasonable progress on projects and watched Tom Jones and had a tasty, though not fancy, lunch. We also talked about plans for upcoming events, and we settled on sometime in the latter part of September for an archery event. It will be in Conroe, which is about as far north on I-45 as you can go without leaving the Houston area so if any DFW people are interested in attending, it's about 3.5 hours from the Ft. Worth Botanical Gardens and about 3.5 hours from where the Wylie archery event was held and about 3.5 hours from the North Dallas/Plano line. We haven't worked out all the details yet, but that too shall come.

I had my stays ready to bind in time for the sewing day so I worked on them. Now the armscyes and the neckline are bound, and I've got the bottom still to do. Of course, that involves binding tabs so it will probably take just as long as the other three sections combined. And I can only work on it so long before my fingers start hurting so I abandon it and work on other things.

Speaking of other things, I finished the patterned section on my pinball project and just have eighteen plain rows left to finish this side. I also started working on the girls' Hallowe'en costumes since I don't know whether I'll get much time to sew after school starts.
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Saturday, 11 April was the first outing of the newly-formed Houston Area Regency Society. We met at Fernland Park in Montgomery for a picnic and a visit to some nearby antique stores. It took me quite a while to find the place - my GPS denied the existence of the address, and Google Maps thought it was a block away from its actual location. Nevertheless, I eventually arrived to find that the other attendees had made my food contributions superfluous. I brought a little more than enough to feed myself; they brought enough to supply a small army. In their defense, there were more people expected than actually arrived, possibly due to the very threatening weather forecast. We wound up with three ladies and two gentlemen, as even an event as I've ever been to.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (5)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (7)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (9)

We ate our fill with loads left over then took some photographs and bowled.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (11)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (14)

After that it was a walk around the lake (more of a pond, really) where Kaycee and Travis took a lot more pictures. Then we looked about the buildings, several of which were locked, and had a chat with the docent on duty. We must have spent a great deal longer walking than I had realized because I got the worst sunburn I've had in I don't know how long - at least twelve years. Good company has a way of making the time fly by.

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (34)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (29)

HARS Picnic 4-12-15 (28)

From the park we retired to a nearby wine bar, which was nice but was the scene of the greatest drama of the afternoon, involving spilt red wine and broken glass.


When I left the others were discussing visiting antique shops down the street, but I opted out so that I could go home and wash out my dress. Fortunately, a good soak and two washes, and my dress was as good as new, though sorely in need of ironing.

Kaycee has kindly shared her pictures, and I think they're just lovely. And I've finally got pictures of my new white dress, but I'll post about it separately.

There is another event in the planning at a teashop in Spring on May 23. I'm looking forward to it. Information about the society can be found on Facebook, Google+, and My Regency Life.


Apr. 16th, 2015 04:33 pm
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I'm working on a proper write-up of the Houston Area Regency Society picnic last weekend, but for now I wanted to link to some of Kaycee's pictures. They're really lovely.

My white dress
My new pinball
My favorite picture

I'm not sure how to get them to show up in the text here so I've just got links. I'm lucky that we've got good photographers in both this group and the DFWCG. It makes me feel better about being a lousy and disinterested photographer. (It's a family characteristic. I can't tell you how many pictures we have of people missing the tops of their heads going back a couple of generations.)

In Arrears

Apr. 13th, 2015 11:19 am
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I'm quite in arrears on pictures. I've finished an 1800's drop-front dress, a 1930's bolero, and a 1950's sundress without taking any pictures of them on me. Saturday, pictures were finally taken of the Regency little white dress. Today I put on a 1930's dress for the sole purpose of finally getting pictures of my bolero. I have to wait for the sunburn I got Saturday to clear up before I take pictures of my 1950's dress. (Yes, I lost track of time on Saturday and am living with the consequences.) I'll write something about the picnic Saturday, but it won't be right now.

Anyway, at least I have bolero pictures.

1930s Bolero 2

1930s Bolero 3

I think it came out nicely, though I had to take a bit out of the sleeve caps so I didn't have the late 1930's linebacker shoulders, and I only pinned the ties on so that I wouldn't always have to have a little bow. Little bows just seem a bit peculiar in 2015.


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