Nov. 18th, 2014 11:53 am
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I have pictures of my princesses in their new dresses.

Sleeping Beauty
Sleeping Beauty is made using the Simplicity 9384 pattern that's out of print. It calls for thirty-two pieces to the skirt and horsehair braid. I skipped the horsehair braid but otherwise did everything the pattern called for. It's quite a dress.

Merida is much simpler and was made using Simplicity 1557. It's got a petticoat underneath, and I need to watch part of the movie again to see whether the ruffle is supposed to peek out or if I need to shorten it a bit.

They're both quite happy with their dresses, though they've outgrown the period of wanting to wear them around constantly.
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I finished Sleeping Beauty so I'm done, done, done with children's costumes! Now I can be selfish and work on things for me!

Sleeping Beauty Laid Flat

I'll post pictures of the dresses being worn after their birthday. I'm sure they'll try them on that night.

I'm not exactly sure what's up next for me except that I want to put longer ribbons on my cross-stitched garters because they kept falling down the day I wore them in Williamsburg. Then we'll see.

Merida Done

Nov. 5th, 2014 06:54 pm
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I hemmed the Merida dress today and put the snaps and hook and eye on the Sleeping Beauty dress. I'll start hemming it tomorrow after its finished its twenty-four hours of hanging. I might finish tomorrow, but the hem is something like eight yards so I might not.

Just Hems

Nov. 4th, 2014 03:08 pm
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I've nearly finished with the birthday dresses. Just a couple of snaps, a hook and eye, and hems, and I'll be finished. I should certainly be able to knock that out by the end of the week.

In the meantime, here's a photo of half of the Sleeping Beauty skirt laid flat. It's one heck of a skirt.
Half Sleeping Beauty Skirt
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The Merida dress is finished except for a hem. It's currently letting the bias hang out.

Merida Unhemmed - S1557

Sleeping Beauty has been cut, and I've started seaming the bodice together. I think it's progressing reasonably well and have high hopes of finishing it in time.
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I finished the Merida petticoat and am getting close on the Merida dress - it just needs sleeves and a hem. Sleeping Beauty is another story - it still needs to be laid out, cut out, etc. I have fourteen days, right?

Merida Petticoat - S1557


Oct. 26th, 2014 08:12 am
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I made the Olaf hat for my son's Hallowe'en costume so I am officially finished with Hallowe'en sewing.

Now I've got two princess dresses to finish in two weeks for my daughters' birthday. Fortunately, one is well under way. I bought fabric for the other yesterday. With all the people making Frozen costumes for Hallowe'en, the only blue satin that JoAnn's had was navy or turquoise. Neither was suitable for Sleeping Beauty so she's getting a new pink one instead of the blue one she asked for. Her old pink one is in sad shape, and pink is her favorite color so I doubt she'll be all broken up.
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I finished the girls' mermaid costumes yesterday. They're an almost un-altered size 5/6 from McCall's 5498. I had read reviews that indicated that it was the mermaid costume pattern with the best design for walking.

I forgot to buy crinoline when I was initially purchasing fabric, and JoAnn's is a bit out of the way so I stopped at Hobby Lobby one day looking for crinoline. They didn't have any so I decided to try out buckram. It made nice, stiff fins, but it also means that the costumes won't be washable. Since I used pretty junky satin for them, I don't think they'll hold up like the others have, but the girls don't wander around all day in costumes like they used to either.

The only other change I made was taking about 2" tuck in the skirt so that the fins wouldn't drag the ground.

Without further ado, here they are in their costumes.


Beached Mermaids

They insisted that I take the second picture where they are posed as mermaids really would be.

Now I've started the boy's Olaf costume. This one will require a little more creativity because there isn't a pattern for a snowman that I've found. So I'm using the tunic from Simplicity 5520 as a base that I'll build something around. (There's nothing particularly special about that pattern; it's just one I already had.) I'm making legs by using the pants from the vampire view of Simplicity 2571, again because I had had it lying around. I've started a hood from the 5520, but I think I saw an Olaf winter hat somewhere that would probably be a lot easier and not terribly it could come in handy this winter, if it gets cold enough.

I'm hoping Olaf won't take too long because the girls' birthday is coming up, and they want some new princess dresses.


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