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I think I need a to-do list for all the projects that are scattered around here. There are far more UFO's than there probably should be.

1. 1690’s stays: Finish covering, make eyelets for straps, cut and sew in lining
2. 1830’s plain petticoat: Prep waistband and set waist
3. 1830’s tucked petticoat: Prep waistband, finish tucks (4 down/5 to go), and set waist
4. 1610’s petticoat: Reset waist
5. 1950’s turquoise dress: Shorten hem by 9”
6. 18th century cap: Everything – listed more to remember that it’s there than anything else
7. 1860 rigolette: Make 127 ½” pom-pons
8. 1912 vest: Order yarn and finish, but I’m still ignoring it because I’m not ready to order any other yarn at present and refuse to order the yarn and pay shipping for one ball of yarn
9. Pineapple bag: Just keep knitting
10. 1892 Zouave: Cast on so I can have some blind knitting for when I'm reading

Yesterday I tore apart the Tiana dress I made for my daughter a few years ago. I'm saving the other princess costumes (except the first Sleeping Beauty dress that wore out), but they never liked playing with this one because it was a really heavy dress.

S2330 - Tiana

I've always liked the gold sateen in the dress, though, so I tore the dress apart to rescue it. It's earmarked for the outer layer of a two-layer corset whenever I make another Victorian/Edwardian corset. I suppose I should be proud of myself; I also took the trim from a ridiculously heavy corset cover I made in college and recycled it for my 1918 combinations this spring.
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I wore my Easter dress again Sunday to go to a production of Sweeney Todd. That was weird. I've seen the show before so the plot didn't surprise me, but the costuming choices did. For reasons that were not at all clear to me, most of the female cast spent their time in their underwear, including Johanna. At any rate, there was no question as to whether they were wearing corsets - we got to see every one of them.

But I digress. I really wanted to show pictures of my 1950's sundress that I made for Easter. The fabric is a blue-flowered cotton/silk blend voile flatlined with cotton lawn. I used Vogue 2960 almost as is - I just raised the back 2", bound the neckline and armholes with bias tape, and added an extra layer of skirt. Plus I shortened the bodice by about 3/4", which I always do with Vintage Vogue patterns.

The Front:
1954 Dress - Front - V2960

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In Arrears

Apr. 13th, 2015 11:19 am
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I'm quite in arrears on pictures. I've finished an 1800's drop-front dress, a 1930's bolero, and a 1950's sundress without taking any pictures of them on me. Saturday, pictures were finally taken of the Regency little white dress. Today I put on a 1930's dress for the sole purpose of finally getting pictures of my bolero. I have to wait for the sunburn I got Saturday to clear up before I take pictures of my 1950's dress. (Yes, I lost track of time on Saturday and am living with the consequences.) I'll write something about the picnic Saturday, but it won't be right now.

Anyway, at least I have bolero pictures.

1930s Bolero 2

1930s Bolero 3

I think it came out nicely, though I had to take a bit out of the sleeve caps so I didn't have the late 1930's linebacker shoulders, and I only pinned the ties on so that I wouldn't always have to have a little bow. Little bows just seem a bit peculiar in 2015.


Mar. 18th, 2015 01:58 pm
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It's been a little quiet on the needlework side around here. I keep looking at my Easter dress, which needs to be taken up in the shoulders, but not wanting to put in the work on it. I've nearly finished my bolero - just half of one side of the front edging and the ties left before I press it and sew it all up. Mostly I'm interested in my pinball right now. I've finished the pattern on the back and just have twenty-three plain rows to finish that half. Then I start over on the front.
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My Easter dress is nearly finished.


I just have to put in the inside belt and decide about the third skirt layer. I've cut and sewn the seams on an extra lawn layer, and I'm planning to use it, but I need to decide whether to sew it into the skirt or make it a separate petticoat that can be worn with other 1950's dresses. It fits pretty well, but I might take apart the shoulder seams and shorten the back just a touch. I already cut off 1/2" or so at the waist, but I think the back is still a little too long when I hold my shoulders back. It's great if I hunch over, but I don't want to do that.

Speaking of posture, it was good to hear the archery instructress tell me that I was doing a good job of keeping my shoulders back when shooting Saturday - I couldn't do anything else in my stays!


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