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I've uploaded the last of the magazine clippings I found in my old house.
Montgomery Ward Spring and Summer 1927 catalogue
Montgomery Ward Spring and Summer Catalogue 1927 pg 50

Butterick Quarterly Summer 1927
Butterick Quarterly Summer 1927 pg 25

Both of these are just odd sheets here and there, not full volumes or anything like full volumes. There are also a few pages of Charles Williams Stores, Bella Hess, and Sears Roebuck ads in the miscellany folder along with things I couldn't identify. And a couple pages from Needlecraft Magazine that have been painted in.
1926-27 Magazine Clippings 7

I also have a second grade speller that I need to decide what I'm going to do with and a coverless copy of Lydia E. Pinkham's Private Text-Book upon Ailments Peculiar to Women that I'm not going to scan because a perfectly good copy can be found in the Library of Congress. I've compared random passages, and other than the ads at the end, it's the same text as my copy and rather cleaner.
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What I have of the Fall and Early Winter 1926 issue of the Altman Magazine is now uploaded to Flickr. There are several pages missing out of the middle and some pieces clipped out of other pages, but most of it's there.

Altman Magazine September 1926 Front Cover

I also rearranged sets a bit so that the other two magazines that I had most of are in their own sets with the pages in order. (See the McCall Pattern and Household Magazines.)

I have the rest of it scanned but still need to upload some miscellaneous items.
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I found today that I have nearly the whole of The Household Magazine from August, 1927. I'm not sure about the back cover - I might have the top half of it so I've labeled it as possibly pages 27 and 28. I can't find a copyright renewal for this magazine either so it's also uploaded to Flickr.

Household Magazine August 1927 pg 1 - Cover
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In working more with the magazine stash yesterday I found that I have the whole issue of McCall's Printed Pattern Style News from July, 1927, save for a section cut out of the back page. While the copyright was renewed for McCall's Magazine, copyrights do not appear to have been renewed for the pattern magazine. It's too big to fit in the scanner so I took pictures of the pages. They don't look like much until you zoom in, but you can read the text and everything in the pictures. They're uploaded to Flickr here.

McCall Pattern Magazine July 1927 pg 1
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I've uploaded some more scans from my 1926-27 attic collection to Flickr. They should all be out of copyright, though I make no guarantees. Here's the set, which I'll add to as I get more scanned.

And if anyone has advice on scanning a whole magazine, please share.
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I don't usually post thrice in one day, but I scanned some clippings from the stash and wanted to share. They should all be from 1926-27 and mostly look like catalog pictures so I think it's safe to assume they're out of copyright. I checked for copyright renewals on Altman Magazine and didn't find any so here's hoping I'm not violating anyone's rights. Some of them aren't quite complete because they were stuck to others or on the back of something else that was probably the thing she intended to clip out. Anyway, for those interested in 1920's fashion, enjoy!

1926-27 Magazine Clippings 4
1926-27 Magazine Clippings 3
1926-27 Magazine Clippings 2
1926-27 Magazine Clippings 1
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When we started remodeling our house in Virginia, which was originally built in 1926, we found a hide-out that one of the daughters must have used in the time before the house was complete. She had left a flock of papers in there. I shoved them in bag and promised myself I'd go through them some day. After eight years, I finally sat down to do it today. I find that among everything is nearly the full issue of The Altman Magazine for Fall and Early Winter 1926.

I would really like to scan it to be able to share it, but I'm afraid to handle it too much since it's brittle and curled over at the top corner. Does any one have any suggestions on handling it so that I don't destroy it? Alternatively, if someone in the Dallas or Houston area has experience doing stuff like this, I'd be glad to get together to work on it.

As far as I can tell, it's in the public domain so there shouldn't be any issue with sharing it. I've also got several 1926-27 pictures clipped from magazines and parts of a couple of other magazines. I'll be scanning what I can.


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