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 I've done a bit of knitting the last few days.  My stockings are finished with time to spare. Interestingly, I had about two yards of yarn left at the end of the second stocking after running out on the first stocking. I don't know if the extra stitches I picked up after the heel on the first stocking pushed me over the edge on needing more yarn or the yardage was just slightly lower in the first two balls than the second two. In the end, I do have just one odd-colored toe. 

I started working on the 17th century garters I've talked about before. I gauged them and knit about an inch before I decided they weren't working. I posted about the attempt on LJ ( because I didn't want to add the picture to Flickr.  Something more the texture of the silk embroidery floss I've used for pinballs would probably work better, but the floss itself wouldn't be suitable.

I also started working on the 1919 Slipover Bodice that Wearing History sells. I'm guessing that it comes from the 1919 edition of The Columbia Book of Yarns, but I can't find that one online so it's just a guess.  Since I don't know where it comes from, I don't want to add it to the Ravelry database.  (She put it in as a personal pattern when she did her project page.)  I am hoping this will use up the rest of the leftover yarn from the 1892 petticoat as well as a couple of sport-weight leftovers from other projects. I don't mind having a fabric stash, but I don't really want a yarn stash so I'm always extra happy to use up the leftovers.

Incidentally, there is an error in the slipover bodice pattern - it says to cast on 76 stitches for the back, but the pattern doesn't work out that way.  It needs to be 77 stitches. Then you have 61 left after narrowing for the armscyes and cast off 23 for the neck. I'm only just to the neck so I don't know if there will be any more issues. As often happens for me, I had to go down a needle size.  I find it interesting that the armscye is quite shallow on the back (and therefore presumably much deeper on the front) like the 1907 sweater and 1912 vest I've made so the shift to sweater seams directly under the arm like modern sweaters must post-date about 1919 but has occurred by about 1937 because my c. 1937 sweater does have the seams under the arms.  I may be the only one who finds that interesting, though.
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I finished my new late 18th century shift. It's really boring, but it is linen and hand-sewn so I'm pleased with it. This time I'm sure I hand-sewed it from sheer laziness; getting out the sewing machine seemed like way too much trouble, especially knowing that I would have to put it away again immediately.

I used the same measurements as the last cotton one I made, though I did have to piece the sleeves a bit because I mistakenly thought the measurements were with seam allowances. No big deal.

Linen Late 18th Century Shift

I only have 130 rows left on my stockings - the next dozen or so reduce every other row, then there are about eighty plain rows before the toe shaping starts, and the reductions are rapid for those last forty rows.
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The 3+ hour drive to Six Flags and the 4+ hour drive home were very good for the stocking I'm knitting. I finished knitting the heel flap, picked up the stitches for the foot, and knit the first half dozen rows of the foot. Now the $64,000 question is whether I can finish the remaining 150 rows in time to wear the new stockings in Williamsburg this summer!

Last Ball

May. 25th, 2017 07:57 pm
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I started the last ball of yarn for my stockings, which is much more exciting than it sounds. I still have a long way to go, but it's a major milestone in the project.


Mar. 23rd, 2017 10:54 am
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1. I finished knitting the second front of my Aran cardigan. Now I'm working on the first sleeve, but motivation is slipping away now that we've had highs in the 80's for the last several days. Of course, I should keep working on it because I'll want it when it gets cooler.

Aran Cardigan - Left Front

2. I finished the welt at the top of my second 18th century stocking. Now I just have about 590 rows left.

3. I didn't feel like sewing last night and didn't want to work on the sweater so I actually worked on my pinball. I'm a quarter of the way through the first piece now, and I'm thinking that I would like to have it finished by June so I might only work on the sweater when on the road and on the pinball when I feel like knitting at home. Pinballs are so much more fun once you get into the picture part.
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I finished one of my 18th century stockings. These are a much firmer knit since they're knit with fingering weight yarn on 4-0 needles. There are 15 st/in and 20 rows/in.

18th Century Stocking

The heel looks extra pointy right now, but I think it will mash down once they've been worn a few times. That's how I recall the other pair working out.

18th Century Stocking

I ran out my second of four balls of yarn with fifteen rows to go at the toe so I used some different yarn to finish off the stocking. I'd rather have a very small different piece at the toe of each stocking than one larger mismatched toe. It will also be interesting to see how close to the end I run out on the second stocking.

18th Century Stocking Toe

Speaking of the second stocking, I need to cast that on at some point, don't I? It's hard to get worked up about it while I don't have a lot of reading to do. Maybe I'll manage it over the weekend. After all, I will be riding the bus next week, and it would be nice to have the stocking.


Mar. 8th, 2017 09:12 am
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I'm finally narrowing for the toe on the 18th century stocking I'm knitting!

Here's a terrible picture that makes it look like the top of the leg is the same size as the foot. It didn't want to fold flat neatly, but I'm sure it will after I've blocked it.

18th century Stocking progress - 3/7/17

Now it's a race to see whether I finish the stocking before I run out the ball of yarn since it's getting pretty small.
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I just wanted to post a status update on my current project list.

18th century cap:
Nope. No progress whatsoever. No progress expected any time soon.

18th century stockings:
Moderate progress. I've done forty-odd rows of the foot. I'm really only working on it while reading right now so it's not expected to go very quickly.

1897 Harper's Bazar dress:
Still on hold. This is waiting until the 1830's dress and bonnet are done.

18th century pinball:
Basically on hold until it's warm enough that I don't want to work on a heavy wool sweater. The cardigan has knitting priority right now.

Aran cardigan:
The back is finished, and I'm about a third of the way through the first front. I just joined in the back of the pocket, which was interesting.

Brown poplin mid-1830's dress:
I cut out a bodice mock-up but haven't gotten around to fitting it yet, but the skirt panels are torn, seamed, faced, and hemmed. As soon as I hem the placket, it will be ready for the waist treatment.

1858 sortie cap:
I started another little knitting project, a sortie cap. It was nice blind knitting, and I did the knitting while reading this week. Wednesday night I raveled out all the stitches, and last night I blocked it. Now I need to do all the making up - it's got more finishing than a lot of knitted items.

Regency shoes:
Last week I dyed some Regency shoes I bought over the summer, and now I want to do a little decorating with ribbons. I want them for a Houston Area Regency Society tea next weekend so they should be done some time this week.

There are rather more projects on hold than I really like to see, but I guess it's not so bad. I'm not quite sure what I'll work on tonight...
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This ended up seeming to be a year of little pieces more than full garments, though I did make costumes from the skin out for the 1690's and 1910's. I did a lot of knitting this year. One of my goals for the year was to do better with my hair for events, and I think I succeeded. There were some hairdos that I was very proud of. I got to go to a lot of events in different periods and had some opportunities to wear things that I had never really gotten to wear. One of the best parts was getting to meet a couple of LJ friends in real life in July.

I finally made the Le Baiser dress I had been planning for years.
Le Baiser

The rest is behind the cut: )

Heel Flap!

Dec. 19th, 2016 07:10 pm
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I have reached the heel flap of my 18th century stocking. I still have a long way to go, but getting to the heel flap is exciting.
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I'm currently working on two very different kinds of stockings.

One cross-stitched Christmas stocking and one hand-knit 18th century stocking. (The knit stocking should also work for 17th century costuming.) Both are slow, but I like them.

I'm almost halfway through the knit stocking. Once I hit the halfway point, I'm allowed to start the muffatees I bought yarn for recently.
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I finished the gold part of my pineapple. After seven repeats of the pattern, I think it's long enough; I don't want the leaves to be dwarfed by the fruit. My current plan is to knit two repeats with the green then start checking length after every half-repeat. I might not end up doing all four repeats of it.

My stockings are coming along nicely. I just hit the 1/5 mark for the first stocking, which is at 132 rows. Someone asked me yesterday how many square centimeters I do per hour. Things you just don't think I worked it out. It's kind of surprising to think that I do about 20 min./sq. in. (3 sq. in./hr) or 3 min./sq. cm (20 sq cm/hr). That makes it sound like I go so much faster than it feels like I do, but maybe that's because I work on it in bits and pieces.
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My stocking is 5" long!

Goldenrod 18th Century Stocking Progress-10/21/16 (5")

It's a darker goldenrod color than it looks in the picture. The line running down the stocking is the imitation seam, which is useful for tracking when you've finished a row and where to make the decreases.

I like knitting stockings.
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Just posting a progress report on the projects I have in hand.

1912 knitted vest: Still on hold pending the purchase of new yarn. It has to go on sale, or I have to have a need for other yarn before I order it. This likely will not happen for a few months considering the pineapple and stockings will keep me occupied for quite awhile.

19th century knitted pineapple bag: I'm halfway through the fifth repeat of eight in the gold part of the bag, but I have been making progress.

Sheer cap: Haven't touched it unless putting other things on top of it counts.

1892 knitted Zouave jacket: I've finished about 3/4 of the knitting. I only work on it while I'm reading at home, and I've been trying to get my reading done on the bus so it's a little slow.

18th century stockings: Almost a tenth of the way through the first stocking! I'm halfway through the decreases for the knee.

1690's/1700's mantua: I still need to put it on and take pictures and set the length on the belt so I can hem the other end of the ribbon. I don't see it happening in the next few days, but perhaps I'll feel like it this weekend.

1897 Harper's Bazar dress: This is coming along well. I've cut it all out except for the trim and hem facing/ruffle. The skirt is all sewn together and is hanging awaiting a hem and trim. The hem isn't as simple as it sounds since this is 1897, but at least the skirt looks like a skirt and is long enough for me to wear my boots with (as opposed to the rose wool skirt I made earlier this year). The next time I get a chance to sew I'll be running up some bodice and sleeve seams.

Things have gotten busy lately so I don't know whether I'll have all that much time to sew in the next few weeks, but that's why I made the children's Hallowe'en costumes in August so it's not like it's a surprise. My sewing machine has started acting up too. When I run it in reverse, it doesn't want to come out of reverse immediately - the feed dogs keep working backward for a bit before they come right again. I don't know whether it's a connection problem in the switch or the cams are getting stuck or what so I guess I'll have to take it to the shop, but I don't want to do it until I've gotten the bulk of the 1897 dress together. Maybe it's punishing me for doing so much hand-sewing this summer!
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Well, I cast on another pair of 18th century stockings. They're yellow fingering weight wool on size 4/0 needles. From what I've read, they should probably be sport weight wool, but I'm making a concession to the Texan climate.

At least as I add this project, I am taking others away. I finished one of my 1830's petticoats a couple of days ago and should finish the second one tonight
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I have stockings from Williamsburg. They’re huge. I’ve been seeing these lovely stockings that people have made and decided that I could do that. Then I could have clocked stockings that fit me and were wool because I love wool.

18th Century Stocking

And here's what I did... )
Thoughts after wearing:
Now I have stockings that fit! I don’t have my 18th century garters finished yet so I’m wearing them with my 1838 garters for now. There has been no trouble with these stockings slouching. I could have put a few more rows in the toes, but I think it will be fine for now. Next time I’ll be a touch more generous in the foot length. My shoes rub them a bit around the ankle, but I hope there won’t be any early failure there.

ETA: Here's the Ravelry page.
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I was a little nervous, but I washed my new 18th century stockings last night. I didn't quite get all the black from my shoes out, but I wasn't quite sure how much rubbing they could stand without starting to felt. Now they're dry and look pretty good. Most of the black came out, and what's left will be inside my shoes anyway.

This Week

Sep. 23rd, 2013 05:37 am
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Yes, this is another "week in review" post.

Now that I've decided to finish kids' Hallowe'en costumes before getting back to my stuff, I feel that I've begun to make good progress. The little witch dress is finished except for hemming the sleeves and skirt and binding the armscyes due to a complaint about prickly organza seam allowances. The fairy costume is nearly complete - I just need to put elastic in the waist of the skirt and some trim on the "vest," if I can find something suitable. Then I'll be tackling the witch hat, which hasn't even been started except for cutting out the fabric.

I'm halfway through the waist on the first piece of the 1937 cami-knickers. They progress a little slowly, but they do progress.

Finally, cross-stitching: the top left quadrant is finished as is the lady. Now it's just a whole lot of green and a little blue left to finish the background. I remember this part from when I did it before - I got really tired of the green after awhile. This time I've been careful to work on the green off and on all through so there won't be quite such a big space that's 90% one color.

Our English country dance group demonstrated at the Wilderness Trail Festival downtown on Saturday. We danced at 11:30. It started to rain at 11:25. It didn't rain too hard, but it was enough to make the stage slick and soak my dress six inches up on the walk home. I wore my 1750's print sacque from the curtain-along last year. It was as much fun to wear as ever. The blue silk ribbons on my cap bled in the rain, but it washed out so no harm done.

It was the first wearing of my new stockings, and they were great. Even though my feet were wet, they didn't feel bad. I love wool.

We took a couple of pictures after we danced, but I didn't get any so I can't post any.
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This week I finished my 18th century stockings, to my surprise and pleasure. I then started a 1937 knit cami-knickers and am proving my questionable sanity by starting one of those knit 18th century pinballs, the tiny gauge ones that are probably beyond my knitting skill. 3-0 needles really didn't seem small at all, but the 6-0 ones are going to take some getting used to.

I made decent progress on my 1868 green silk dress, fitting and sewing the darts and making up the waistband. I know it's not much, but I'm trying to split my time between that and the children's Hallowe'en costumes. They are now all cut out except for the buckram for the witch hat, and I'm waiting for the millinery wire I ordered to arrive before I start on the hat. I've run up a few seams on the two outfits but still haven't made it through the first round of seams before pressing. There's loads of time before Hallowe'en.

And, as I do every week, I worked on my husband's cross-stitched lady. I'm getting close to finishing the top left quadrant. The whole thing should be finished by...mid-February. Three days a week cross-stitching really cuts into my time for other needlework.


Sep. 6th, 2013 05:36 am
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I finished knitting my second 18th century stocking last night. They're done! I liked making them. Maybe I'll make myself some 19th century ones, but not now. Now I've got a 1937 wool cami-knickers on the needles made from this pattern from Australian Woman's Weekly. I'm a whole two rows into it!


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