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I've been going through some things and have a couple of items that I would like to be able to sell rather than give away. I'm not really sure how to go about that. I'll post them here, but if anyone has suggestions for things that don't sell, I'd love to hear them.

1. 18th century mitts
These are hand-knit from a wool/silk blend lace-weight yarn at a gauge of about 11 stitches to the inch and 14 rows to the inch. They've been worn a few times and hand-washed. They're just a little too big for me so I replaced them. They're a good size for [personal profile] nuranar. With as much time as goes into knitting, I would like to be able to get $40 for them.

Ingles Ferry Gear

This is the new pair, but they look just the same except that the new ones are a little smaller since they're knit at a smaller gauge.

18th Century Mitts

2. 18th century petticoat
This is a machine-sewn cream-colored cotton/polyester blend petticoat. The shape is good, but I'm not going to wear a synthetic petticoat when I've got a silk one and am planning to make a linen one shortly. It was made for a 26" waist but is quite adjustable with the two-tie waist. $10 sounds reasonable to me.


3. 1770's rust robe a la anglaise, stomacher, and petticoat
This is a combination of machine- and hand-sewing. All visible sewing is hand-sewing, and the outer layer of the bodice is all sewn with the visible stitching typical of 18th century dresses. It's meant to be worn over stays and pocket hoops. It's a nylon/polyester shot orange/black taffeta that gives a rusty brown color. It laces center front through hand-worked eyelets, and the compere stomacher pins in place under the robings. I really like the dress, but I've got enough 18th century options in my wardrobe that I know I'm not going to wear it again. It was made for a bust of 33" and a waist of 26", but it has some flexibility due to the stomacher. It has been worn a few times but has no damage. I have no idea what a fair price is for it. If you have any suggestions as to what is reasonable, I'd appreciate it.

1770s Robe a la Anglaise
1770s Robe a la Anglaise
1770s Robe a la Anglaise

I can take more pictures, if needed.
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This ended up seeming to be a year of little pieces more than full garments, though I did make costumes from the skin out for the 1690's and 1910's. I did a lot of knitting this year. One of my goals for the year was to do better with my hair for events, and I think I succeeded. There were some hairdos that I was very proud of. I got to go to a lot of events in different periods and had some opportunities to wear things that I had never really gotten to wear. One of the best parts was getting to meet a couple of LJ friends in real life in July.

I finally made the Le Baiser dress I had been planning for years.
Le Baiser

The rest is behind the cut: )
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My new 18th century knit mitts are finished. They're made from the same materials (lace-weight wool/silk blend yarn) and pattern ([ profile] quincy134's Taylor pattern) as my old ones with further reductions. I was never thrilled with how loose the first pair were, and I wanted a slightly tighter fabric - those were made on size 0 needles, but these are size 000 needles. I'm pleased with how these fit now and have hopes that they will be less inclined to fall down than my old ones were.

18th Century Mitts

You can see the project page on Ravelry.
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I feel that I have accomplished quite a bit lately.

I've functionally finished my 1910's corset and am almost halfway through knitting the lace for it. I've nearly finished a petticoat using instructions from a dressmaking book published in 1916. It just needs a hem, which I'm hoping to get to tonight. Then I'll just want one more petticoat to finish the undergarments for my 1916 dress.

I've selected a dress that I want to make for the 1910's event this summer. It's the pink evening dress, but mine will be green. (I'm sure that's the shock of a lifetime.) I've done a little thinking about construction, and I'll probably post my thoughts later as a sanity check.

I've finished knitting one 18th century mitt and cast on the second. They're such completely mindless knitting, and it's always good to have mindless knitting on hand.

I've even managed to do a couple of alterations that I've been meaning to for at least a year now. I cut down the neck on my robe a la piemontaise and cut down the top of my mid-19th century corset. I hate altering things that are finished so this is quite an accomplishment.

Yes, I meant to start every paragraph the same way.
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1. I finished my bonnet for the tea Saturday. It came out well, and I'm going to ask Kaycee to take pictures of it at the tea. She's usually quite obliging, and she takes excellent pictures.

2. Speaking of excellent pictures, I'm very lucky to know people who are willing to take good pictures of my work since I'm a lousy photographer. So thanks to [ profile] jenthompson, Kaycee, and Liz. Speaking of Liz, I've got some pictures she took the last time we were in Williamsburg that I want to share. They're the first good pictures of my curtain-along sacque.

3. I made an adjustment to the ribbon corset mock-up, and I'm happy with it. I have all the materials so I'm ready to go with it. I don't think it will be my next project, but it needs to stay near the top of the list.

4. Last night I made the changes to the paper pattern for the 1910's corset pattern that I mocked up a bit ago. I have all the materials for it so I should be starting on it shortly. (Unless it counts as already started because I've already knit a few inches of lace for it!)

5. I've scaled up a pattern draft from 1918 for combination underwear so I'll probably work on that in parallel with the 1910's corset.

6. My new 18th century mitts are progressing. I've gotten to the wrist of the first one and have started widening for the hand.

7. I still haven't gotten around to taking pictures of the petticoat with the knitted lace or the 1870's dress. I have high hopes of doing so this weekend.

Tonight is the girls' school program so I don't know whether I'll get much time to sew, but I'm hoping to find time to cut out the combinations and block the lace I've knit so far. Then I'll be able to estimate how many pattern repeats of lace I'll need for the corset.
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I have three yards of hand-knit lace!

1880's Lace

It took 82 repeats of the pattern and something on the order of 500 yards of thread.

Now I guess I'll have to make up the flounce for the petticoat so I can finish my oldest UFO (started in August).

In other news, I started knitting new 18th century mitts and found that I apparently didn't fix the pattern the first time I made them. They were awfully big, even going down a couple of needle sizes so I ripped it all out and started over again. I guess I should fix that pattern...

And my 1870-ish dress is finished except for the collar and cuffs. It will take awhile to do all the rolled hems, but I'm pretty happy with how it's coming out. No, you don't get pictures because I don't feel like getting all dressed up. (More accurately, things have been very busy so I haven't had time to get all dressed up.)
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For the fourth year running, we went to Smithfield Plantation on Independence Day. It was a bit soggy but not muddy. The weather was not promising when we left, having rained off and on all morning, but I really wanted to go, and the children aren't afraid of a little rain. After all, they love any excuse to use their umbrellas.

Due to the sporadic rain, I never did pull out my camera so I only got the one picture I had my husband take before we left the house.

Ingles Ferry Gear

Anyway, I finally got a chance to wear my new 1760's gown and petticoat. (I've almost finished writing them up so that post should be coming soon.)

The event was a little smaller than usual. I don't know if the organizers just didn't plan as much this year or if the weather caused people to pull out. There wasn't a terribly high attendance either, and I'm sure that was due to rain.


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