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Knowing I would have a couple of long car trips in the spring and summer and anticipating a regular bus ride come fall, I started a large-scale knitting project, a wool petticoat. Now I just need to find a late Victorian event in the winter to wear it to.

The petticoat:
1892 Knitted Petticoat

Closer view of the yoke:
1892 Knitted Petticoat Yoke

Closer view of the hem:
1892 Knitted Petticoat Hem

Here's what I did... )
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Bits and bobs and odds and ends pretty well describes what I've done with my needlework this week.

I've blocked and seamed the remaining strips and hemmed and made up the yoke for my knitted petticoat (and hope to have it finished by the end of the night). I've whipped all the interlining pieces to the outer layer pieces of my 1790's stays and have sewn the boning channels. The boning channels were machine-sewn, but they'll probably be the only thing machine-sewn on these stays. I just can't get worked up about sewing a bunch of back-stitched straight lines that look like lock-stitch from the outside. I've separated threads from embroidery floss for another knitted pinball. I've traced off three 1940's patterns, including a pattern that I'll use to make the shorts for my 1940's playsuit. I've knit about half of a muffatee.

As I say, it's a little here and a little there, but I'm pleased that everything is making progress.
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Six panels made a good width for a warm under-petticoat so I am really close to finishing my knitted petticoat. The panels are all seamed together and hemmed. All that's left is making up the yoke and attaching the petticoat to it. It shouldn't take too long to get that done. I doubt I'll work on it tonight since I have pattern tracing planned and will probably work on my 1790's stays after I finish that. I just don't have the sense of urgency around a woolen petticoat in the middle of July that I might have at other times. It's probably safe to say that it will be finished by the end of next week, though. Can't have a UFO sitting around too long!
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The sixth panel of my knitted petticoat is finished, and I'm blocking the fifth. I'll block the sixth tonight and should be able to have them all seamed together tomorrow. Then I'll know if I need one more panel or not. I'm hoping not, but it doesn't really matter.

I started knitting a pair of muffatees using a pattern from The Ladies' Knitting and Netting Book by Miss Watts. I wasn't quite sure about them, but after trying on the couple of inches I've finished today, I think they'll be okay. If not, I can always abandon them. I really started them as a "what if I finish knitting the sixth petticoat panel over vacation project." I did so I started them.
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Fifth petticoat panel finished! Maybe just one to go, possibly two.

Oh, and when you knit a swatch to estimate how much yarn you're going to need, you should block the swatch before doing the estimate. I am going to have so much yarn leftover.
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I started seaming up the 1892 knitted petticoat panels today so that I could estimate how many more panels I need to make. The pattern calls for seaming them with single crochet. That's a pain in the neck. I don't crochet, though I own a couple of crochet hooks for picking up dropped stitches. One seam took me half an hour. Then it looked lousy. The only way I could see to do it was to stitch through the edge stitches, but the seam just doesn't open out flat like a whip-stitched seam so it really doesn't disappear into the knitting. So I did the other two seams with a whip stitch, and I like them much better. Now I have to decide whether I'm too lazy to redo the first seam, leaving it as the center back seam, or whether I'll actually redo it. It doesn't look awful.

1892 Petticoat seams

The double row of eyelets to the left in the picture is a whip-stitched seam. The next one is the middle of a panel. The row on the right is the single crochet seam. I definitely like the whip-stitched one better.

And the answer to how many more panels? I think I'll need two more, but it could be three. I'll finish five and six and see how it looks then. Number five is almost halfway finished, and my short term plans involve a lot of driving so completion may not be so far off after all. Then I'll be in the market for another knitting project.

By the way, has anyone seen a c. 1900 vest pattern? I want to make one like this one at the DAR museum. (You have to click through a slide show to get to the picture on the DAR website so I linked to Pinterest instead.) I'm guessing I'll end up making a sweater with no sleeves, but I was hoping to find a vest pattern.
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1790's stays? Patterned and cut.
1892 petticoat? Four panels finished, fifth in progress.
Pinball? Fewer than thirty rows left to knit.

I really need to sew together the panels of the petticoat that are finished so I can determine exactly how many panels I need. My original plan was eight, but I think I might be able to get away with seven, though probably not six. But the idea of all that wool in my lap isn't so pleasant. It's been...warm lately.


May. 19th, 2015 05:28 pm
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I finished knitting the third panel of my 1892 knitted petticoat this afternoon. That gives me five more panels to go at most. I'm not exactly sure how big a hem circumference I need. One later in the book calls for about 84" so I'm sure I don't need something bigger than that. Each panel is about 10" wide so I'm thinking I'll need either seven or eight.

I'm also making speedy progress on a 1940's playsuit. I just need buttons and buttonholes to finish the bodice and skirt, but the shorts haven't even been started. I meant to go to the store today to buy more fabric and buttons (this is not the originally planned project for this fabric), but I had a daughter stay home from school sick so we weren't going to run any errands, even though she was feeling fine after a couple of hours.
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We went to Thunder Over Louisville this weekend so I got a lot of time to knit in the car. I could have knit more, but I didn't want to overwork my wrists so anytime they started to get tired I stopped. At that I finished the first panel of my 1892 knitted petticoat and started the second one. Yesterday I blocked the finished panel.

1892 Knitted Petticoat Panel

I'm pretty happy with it except that since I was trying to determine length while sitting in a car and using measurements for another petticoat pattern in the book, it's too long. It might be a good length for my sister or for [ profile] nuranar, who are much of a height, but it's ankle length on me. That doesn't seem right for a warmth layer petticoat so I'm going to knit the rest of the panels shorter and shorten the first panel.

While in Louisville, we also went to Locust Grove. It's quite nice, and the Revolutionary War Illinois Regiment was camping out for the weekend so we talked to the ladies for a bit. (I'm sure the men would have spoken with us too, but we just didn't really talk to them.) I would have loved to have dressed in costume, but I didn't know whether they would like that and also didn't really want to haul all the stuff along when we were there for such a short time anyway.

Amazon Drygoods has donated a batch of books to Locust Grove that they're selling for the benefit of something that I have completely forgotten. Anyway, I picked up a few including a book on socks and stockings. I love books.

On Order

Apr. 7th, 2015 04:21 pm
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I decided on my next knitting project - I'm going to make the petticoat from page 65 of Butterick's The Art of Knitting published in 1892.

1892 Knitted Petticoat

I liked it when I first saw it but rejected the idea because there would be so much knitting involved. After making another pair of stockings and seeing [ profile] dragoneyes19's 1860's knit petticoat, I've decided I can do it. (Following koshka-the-cat as she made her talma has also been inspiring, but there's not so much of the if-she-can-do-it-I-can-do-it feeling there.)

I keep coming back to Robin's petticoat and wanting one. So I'm going to have one too. Only mine will be blue, like the late nineteenth century flannel petticoat in 19th Century Fashion in Detail.

At least it will be knit in 9" wide strips so I won't end up with great piles of wool in my lap over the summer. I think the realization that I wouldn't get to the point where the whole thing is in my lap helped tip the balance.

Yarn is on order because I was disappointed by my local yarn shop. (Why does everyone else seem to want heathered or multicolored yarn? Or worsted weight? Or unusual fibers? I'm so boring.)


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