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As promised, here are my charts for the 1871 knitted fanchon I made recently. The pattern is given here. I corrected any errors where the number of stitches didn't come out right in a row, and I altered the 72nd and 74th rows so that the 2 t.t.o. eyelets would be even on both sides of the pattern. As given, they are closer to the center on the second half than they are on the first half.

The crown:
1871 Fanchon Crown Chart

The edgings and scarf:
Front edging top left, back edging top right, scarf bottom
1871 Fanchon Edging Charts

In each of the charts only the even rows or the odd rows are given, depending upon which side has the lace pattern. The crown return rows are O, K remaining stitches for the first half and O, N, K remaining stitches for the second half. The same is true for the scarf. The return rows for the edgings are Sl, K remaining stitches throughout. The exception is that any time you hit a 2 t.t.o. from the previous row, it needs to be knit off as knit one, purl one.

The key for the charts is as follows:
O = Throw the thread over
N = Narrow
K = Knit
3 = Narrow double
FB = Knit front and back

I used knit two together for the narrowings and knit three together for the double narrowings. The little bows cover any wonkiness caused by joining the lace together in the end. I used #30 cotton and size 3-0 needles. Size 00 might be slightly better, but I won't make any promises. Size 5-0 are definitely too small.

I hope to see it if anyone makes this.


Jan. 6th, 2015 12:28 pm
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Since pictures are worth a thousand words, I hereby present you with pictures of my new 1871 knitted fanchon. More information can be found at the

1871 Knitted Fanchon - Back

1871 Knitted Fanchon - Side

1871 Knitted Fanchon - Top

I also have a picture of my 1890's corset laid flat. I haven't had the inclination to put it on and take pictures of it yet, but it is finished.

1890s Corset - Laid Flat

And no, I didn't bother to take pictures of both 1849 stockings. The second looks just like the first. Maybe I'll get a picture this weekend. Maybe not.
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I finished off my 1871 knitted fanchon on Friday and my 1849 stockings last night. Now I'm going to start working on a bonnet. We'll see how far I get in a week.

I'm not really one for setting goals for the new year, but I will say that this year I hope to do more with hair and headwear and do some Victorian costuming now that I'm not in an area where nearly all of my costuming events will be 18th century or Regency. I actually like the Victorian era better than the Georgian era, but you wouldn't know it from my costume collection.
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I've been working away at my 1871 knitted fanchon while taking care of my sick family this weekend. I finished knitting the lace edging and scarf today except for connecting it in a loop and wanted to block the scarf before closing the loop.

I love the way lace opens up when you block it.

1871 Knitted Fanchon Lace

I knit the crown, but I goofed on a row or two of the pattern. Plus the eyelet pattern is screwed up in the instructions given in the magazine so that it's different on the second half than the first. (Well, at least in my world five does not equal three.) I'm going to reknit the crown and make sure I document my changes so I can share my charts when I'm done. I think I can finish it by the end of the weekend.
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I finished my combinations this afternoon. I thought I had finished them Saturday until I realized that the reason the sleeves were such a pain to put in is that I had put them in upside down. Now, you wouldn't think you could do that after sewing for 20+ years, but I did it. And I don't know what made me think the concave curve should be the sleeve head and the convex curve should be the hem, but I made the mistake at the beginning of the project and never thought twice. Anyway, new sleeves were made up Sunday, inserted yesterday, and felled today so they're done, for real this time. See, I even have pictures.

1880s Combinations - Front

1880s Combinations - Back

And for good measure, here are the children's Christmas ornaments this year.

2014 Christmas Ornaments

Last night I started a knitted fanchon from a pattern given in the April 8, 1871 issue of Harper's Bazar. I tried it first on size 5-0 needles, but it was turning out too small so I switched to 3-0 needles, and it seems okay after 45 rows. I don't think it will take too long to make up.

I also turned the heel of my 1849 stocking last night, which is an exciting point for me. From here on it's pie, granted between 150 and 200 rows of pie, but pie nonetheless.


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