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The Houston Area Regency Society held its first event of 2016 on Saturday night. Kaycee held a small dinner party at her house, and it was a real dinner party. Everything was lit by candlelight (which incidentally demonstrated that her house is not prone to drafts since they all burned evenly). There were few of us, but the company was good. Beside our hostess and myself, there was a couple who reenact several periods in the area that someone has been trying to introduce me to for the last few months and whom I was delighted to meet. I enjoyed the Grahams' company very much and look forward to seeing them at more events. There was another couple who had to leave before the party had really started due to illness (preexisting, not a result of the party). I didn't really talk to them much before they left. And best of all, [ profile] nuranarcame down to join us.

We gathered in the living room (or should we say drawing room to be in character with the pretense of the party?) before Kaycee ushered us into the dining room for dinner. There was a soup course and a main course and a salad and some very nice vegetables. (The carrots were reported to have burnt and were not served, but they couldn't have been badly burnt because I never smelt it. My sense of smell may not be keen, but badly burnt carrots would have been unpleasant.)

Then we retired to the drawing room again for a game of whist and an array of small edibles, though no one was really hungry enough to do much damage to the display. We didn't play a full rubber, which is my fault. I grow weary of cards easily and had had enough after one game. Mr. Graham didn't care to take my place so we abandoned the cards. Then we sat around and chatted for a fair bit. I didn't mark the time when the Grahams left, but Ginger and I stayed until after midnight. I'm not sure how late we would have stayed had I not known that I was unlikely to be permitted to sleep past 7:00 and that we still had about a 45-minute drive back to my house.

To the best of my knowledge, only one picture was taken the entire evening.

It was a lovely evening.
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I went to the local English country dance ball on 10/30. It turned out to be not so much a ball as a party with dancing. It was fun, and it turned out that the host grew up very close to where I grew up - our junior high schools both fed into the same high school, though he was just enough older than I that we wouldn't have been there at the same time. And his family moved from Dallas to Houston at the same time mine did and for the same reason. Small world, isn't it?

It was a fun party, and I danced every dance. I look forward to doing some more things with them, though I had to decline the invitation to join them at the Hobby Center for a Baroque dance performance due to a scheduling conflict. That would have been fun, but I anticipate more fun from my other engagement.

I realized on my way to the party that I had a headlight out, and it amused me to think that if I were pulled over for it, the policeman probably wouldn't think it odd that I were in 1820's dress, what with it being the evening before Hallowe'en and all. (I wasn't pulled over, by the way, and I've taken care of the headlight.)

I took no pictures. Not even one, but I looked generally like I did for the Salem ball a couple of years ago. I did a better job with my hair, though, and never actually put my gloves on. The humidity made the curls relax over the course of the evening, but they weren't awful. I'm glad I didn't have to unpin them until just before leaving for the party after having slept in them overnight. (Mom was surprised that I even knew how to do pin curls.)

Salem 2013

The next night was Hallowe'en. Again, no pictures, but I wore my 1886 dress and the new bonnet. For the first time I went trick-or-treating with my children instead of staying home to hand out candy. I am pleased to report that my high button boots were okay for walking over a mile, though I'm going to get something to put in them so my feet don't slide down to the toes so much - the perils of having narrow feet. It was the first time I got to wear them for a costume event. Again the humidity made the curls relax, but at least the rain was between the time I got home from the dance the night before and the time we went out Saturday night. I had to take the curlers out earlier this time - lunch time, maybe?

1886 Navy Faille Walking Dress

Next up is the Georgian Picnic, and I'm really looking forward to it. I had hoped to get to a couple of DFWCG events this year, but due to weather and scheduling, I somehow never got to. I think I'm going to wear the wool dress I made last fall. I need to do something with colorful accessories to spice it up a bit, but that won't happen this time around. I'll have my pinball and an apron and mitts and cloak if I need them and a bit of ribbon on my cap so that will have to do. I'm too busy cross-stitching right now to sew!


Sep. 26th, 2015 01:59 pm
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After sewing for most of the spring and summer with absolutely no place to wear anything, it looks like events are finally in the near future.

First, there's an English country dance ball on 10/16. I'm not making anything new for it, but I'm going to wear my copper 1820's evening gown for it. That dress definitely deserves another wearing. And I've bartered with [ profile] m_of_disguise for a tiara, which I'm looking forward to getting shortly.

Then on some yet to be determined October or November date I'm going to take the children to the Texas Renaissance Festival. I haven't gone to that (or any Renaissance faire for that matter) since I was in college. I always meant to go to the one in Virginia or Maryland with some high school friends who live in the DC area, but somehow it never happened. I'm nearly finished with my things for that, and I'm waffling on whether to try to make anything for the girls.

Hallowe'en is coming up in about a month (five weeks from today, in fact), and I'll get to wear my 1886 dress. My husband has informed me that it's weird that I tell people on Hallowe'en that I'm myself in the year xxxx so I guess I need to find someone to be. I think I'm going to go with Evelyn Emerson from Elizabeth Peters' Egyptological mystery novels. While I don't particularly identify with her, it's the right period, and I have similar coloring - I certainly don't have the dark looks of the protagonist!

Then we're still trying to get a Regency archery event together, probably in early or mid-November. I'm hoping to get a spencer made by then, but if it's chilly, I have a pelisse to wear so it's not of great importance. I don't exactly have a design for it yet, but I do have fabric. That's half the battle, right?

Then there's the DFWCG Georgian picnic the weekend before Thanksgiving. I've got the dress I tried to make for it last year, but it's not very exciting so I need to think of some kind of bright accessories. Or I could wear the green-striped dress that I made over. There's plenty of time to figure that one out, and the weather may ultimately influence my decision.

Dickens on the Strand is only a couple of weeks after that, and I'll need to decide what to wear. I've really only got two dresses from Dickens' working years so I'm inclined toward the wool 1860's dress. We'll see.

Anyway, the rest of the year is starting to look quite full among holidays, costume events, and the start of the opera season. I shall have to husband my time well. Don't be surprised if I don't do much sewing until after the new year!
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I went to the second annual Old Salem 18th century ball Saturday night. It was really nice. It wasn't as large as the Williamsburg or Richmond balls, but it didn't suffer by comparison. I got to dance every dance, which always makes me happy, though it meant I didn't get any pictures. Never even took my camera out of my bag. I saw several people I knew from other balls that I've been to, and since none of my friends came, I spent more time talking to some of them.

I didn't get any pictures, but I wore my copper 1825-ish dress that I made for Dress U. I got lots of compliments, and some other people wanted my picture, which is always a good feeling.

Next year they're possibly going to have a masked ball, which is intriguing. After having such a good time this year, I'm penciling it in on my calendar!
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1820’s Copper Silk Evening Dress

For the court dinner at Dress U 2013 I wanted something that wouldn’t be enormous (like an 18th century court gown), wouldn’t be ridiculous (like the English Regency gowns worn over silly high hoops), wouldn’t be subject to loads of rules (like the end of the 19th century into the Edwardian period), and that I could get future use out of. I decided on a mid-1820’s gown.

1820s Evening Dress

And here's what I did... )

Thoughts after wearing:
I enjoyed wearing this dress very much. It was comfortable and moved well. The only bad thing is the very wide neckline, which, while fashionable, has an annoying tendency to expose undergarments. Pinning things in place is period, right? Now I look forward to an opportunity to dance in this dress. Maybe we’ll make it to the James Monroe ball this summer.
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At Dress U last weekend, they convinced me that the best way to keep in touch with other costumers would be to get either a LiveJournal or Facebook account. I've opted for LiveJournal, and here's my first post.

I enjoy needlework and reading. My particular needleworking interests are sewing (mostly historical costumes but also some modern things,) knitting (again, mostly historical costume pieces,) and cross-stitching. Mostly I read vintage mysteries and classics.

Dress U last weekend was great. I haven't uploaded many of my pictures to Flickr yet and still need to get copies of L's pictures so that I'll have pictures of everything I wore, but here's my copper 1820's dress with court train that I wore to the formal dinner on Saturday night.
1820s Evening Dress

At the end of the evening I took off the train to get a couple of pictures of the back of the dress.
1820s Evening Dress

Hopefully by next week I'll have a proper write-up of the project. In the meantime, I'm working on a 1947 green linen-look dress, which is getting pretty close to being finished, an 1847 knit bustle which is also close to being finished, a teal linen/rayon blend 18th century petticoat, and a pair of 1857 red cotton knit gaiters. I should be finishing some of those up in the next week or so and will write them up as I get the opportunity. I'm also working on Bucilla's "A Summer Stroll" cross-stitch, but that's not going to be finished any time soon.


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