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I finished Sleeping Beauty so I'm done, done, done with children's costumes! Now I can be selfish and work on things for me!

Sleeping Beauty Laid Flat

I'll post pictures of the dresses being worn after their birthday. I'm sure they'll try them on that night.

I'm not exactly sure what's up next for me except that I want to put longer ribbons on my cross-stitched garters because they kept falling down the day I wore them in Williamsburg. Then we'll see.
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I finished off my garters on Sunday and my blue bag on Tuesday. (Well, Wednesday, if you count blocking it as part of finishing it.)

The blue bag is smaller than I expected - it is smaller than my hand, reaching from about the base of my palm to halfway up my fingers. I'm still not quite sure what I'll use it for, but it amused me to knit...well, except for the row of eyelets. They were surprisingly hard.

19th Century Bag

My garters are copied from a pair in the Boston MFA, though I substituted cotton embroidery floss for silk thread since I have cotton scraps from tons of cross-stitching projects and no silk. The ribbons binding the stitching and for the ties are silk, though. I went back and forth a bit on what date to put on them - 1784 or 2014 - and decided in the end to do the date of the originals.

1784 Garters

1784 Garters
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My 1784 cross-stitched garters are very nearly finished. I finished the cross-stitching yesterday and bound them. Today I just need to cut and sew the blue ribbons onto them.

Here's what they looked like yesterday when I finished the cross-stitching:
1784 Cross-stitch garters

And here's the original pair that I'm copying:
1784 Cross-stitch garters

I should be finishing them off today.
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I worked a little bit on a few things this week. I am about a third of the way through knitting my 1877 blue (or green) bag and got far enough in my 1849 stockings to determine that small woman though I may be, I'm not quite small enough for Esther Copley's "small-sized stocking." I've started over with the "full-sized stocking with widening for the calf," though I strongly suspect I won't be doing any widening. Actually, I think I'll wind up somewhere between the small size and the full size. Anyway, I'm still in the ribbing so it'll be awhile before I have enough to tell. Still, it's started, and that's the important thing.

Then I finished knitting the swatches for a knitted corset from an 1868 pattern. Once I finish the blue bag and fanchon hood, I intend to start knitting that. Of course, knitting plans do have a tendancy to change by the time I'm actually ready for a new project!

I also sewed this week. I worked on my 1868 green silk dress for a few evenings. I think the bodice is ready for piping and checking my sleeve pattern again. Plus the waist on the skirt is set. I think I'll do the faced hem on it this week and have finished with the skirt construction. After the bodice is put together, I'll start the miles of trim.

Finally, I worked on my cross-stitch garters. They're slow, but they move along.
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I haven't really posted progress on projects lately other than the 18th century jacket that I finished right before Hallowe'en. So here goes.

I finished my husband's cross-stitched lady about three weeks ago and got her to the framer in fairly short order. I got the call yesterday that she's ready so I should be picking her up Monday, barring any more pressing errands arising. I guess that means my husband is getting his Christmas present quite early, but he wants her up on the wall by Thanksgiving.

Since then I've made some good progress on my 1784 cross-stitched garters. They're not a high priority for me, but they're good for working on when watching TV with my husband. I've got enough done of one of the quatrefoils that it's starting to look a lot less garish and a lot more like the originals at the MFA.

On 1 November I continued my tradition of starting to work on Christmas ornaments for the children. I make each one an ornament each year. Thus far they've been felt applique ornaments, but I finally ran them out after making MT's ornament this year. Neither JoAnn's nor Michael's has carried them for the last couple of years so I'm taking that as sign that I should go in a different direction. I knitted T a miniature stocking and am knitting M and E little snowmen. The snowmen themselves are knit and stuffed and half of their clothes are knit. Now I just need to finish knitting the clothes, bead their faces, and dress them.

My 1937 cami-knickers are progressing slowly but surely. I'm nearly finished with the waist ribbing on the second body piece. Just 69 more rows, and I'll be ready to assemble them.

Finally, I started making wool pants, a purely modern, purely utilitarian project. One of the wools I had bought turned out to be too lightweight for pants (the dangers of ordering online, but I don't really have any other options) so the plan was changed, and it is becoming a skirt. The skirt is one piece, and the bias is hanging out even as I type. The pants aren't so far along, but one pair has the zipper in so the rest is pie on that pair. The other is still pinned to the pattern pieces.

It sounds like I've been doing a lot. Now if only it didn't mean that I have a whole flock of partially-finished things lying around! With luck, I'll finish the ornaments and skirt this weekend and make good progress on the pants through the week.
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I wore my new coral linen 18th century jacket and blue wool petticoat to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters last night. We didn't get very many so I mostly worked on my 1784 cross-stitched garters while waiting.

I'll write up the petticoat and jacket later, but for now here are pictures from last night.

18th Century Jacket and Petticoat18th Century Jacket and Petticoat - Back
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This week was our annual maintenance shutdown, and I got to play the part of door guard. Most people brought books to read - and I did too, though I just couldn't get into it - but mostly I brought needlework. I really wasn't called upon to escort anyone so I got a lot of time with various types of needles. It was a productive week.

I finished my 1947 green linen-look dress, my 1847 knit bustle, my 18th century teal petticoat, and the knitting on my 1857 gaiters. I also started and finished a 1780's bum pad like that posted on Before the Automobile. I started a 1780's blue wool petticoat to go over the bum pad but didn't get any further than the side seams and pocket slit hems and started a pair of cross-stitched garters that I'm copying from a pair in the Boston MFA. I even made a little progress on the "A Summer Stroll" cross-stitch piece that I've now been working on for just about a year.

Did I mention it was a very productive week?


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