Jan. 16th, 2017

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I made a pair of muffatees over the Thanksgiving weekend.

Purple Muffatees

I was using the "Corkscrew Muffatees" pattern from the 1846 book Exercises in Knitting by Cornelia Mee. When I made them, I misread the pattern and didn't realize it until I had finished one of them. Since they were cute as is, I just knit the second one to match the first one. I felt that the pattern was still totally reasonable for the 1840's-1860's. Plus I couldn't find any really good pictures of the stitch pattern from any that anyone has made so I didn't realize it wasn't looking right. (Really - there are no good pictures on Ravelry! Plus most of them seem to be made up in much heavier yarns than the fingering weight I used; they must have reduced the number of stitches or have massive wrists.)

Now I'm making a second pair, and I'm actually following the pattern (well, almost - I knit the second half and then the first half because I had already done the K3 P3 rows before I realized that the P3 K3 rows are supposed to be first). I've finished the first one.

1846 Corkscrew Muffatee

For good measure, here's a close shot of the stitch pattern detail.

1846 Corkscrew Muffatee - Stitch Detail

I haven't quite decided whether I like the pattern better as given or as I originally made it.


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