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I have basically finished the 1790 striped gown based on the one in this picture from the Met.

I still need to do the cuffs, but I don't have the fabric yet. I want to do the kerchief/fichu as well and will do the cuffs when I do them. In the meantime, it's put away for a few months. No pictures of it on me until it's done, but I do have a couple of detail pictures for now.

The pattern matching came out very nicely on the back. The matching at the shoulder seams was purely fortuitous; I didn't even pay attention to it when I was cutting everything out.
1790 Striped Gown Upper Back Detail

And the pleats happened to work out so that the pattern repeat on the fabric was the pleat depth plus reveal so all of the lighter color is pleated out at the waist but falls on the folds. I wasn't trying to do that at all, but I like it that it happened.
1790 Striped Dress Waist Detail

Everything will need to be pressed at some point, but my iron was unavailable at the time so that will wait until I get back to it this fall.
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