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I finished the ruffle on my skirt last night. Fortunately, it decided not to be recalcitrant, and I was able to pin and stitch it. I want to tack the buckram into place better in a couple of spots, but then the dress will be finished. I really should try it on tonight...

Here's the ruffle.
1897 Dress - Hem Ruffle

This is one of those weird times when it was actually cheaper to use a silk taffeta than synthetic. I wanted one of those lightweight acetate taffetas for the hem ruffle, but JoAnn's no longer sells such a thing. I had the heavier weight striped silk in my stash and no plan for it. It only cost $5/yd, and the heavy polyester JoAnn's had was $10/yd and no coupon. Just weird.

Date: 2017-05-18 08:42 pm (UTC)
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When I was making my own 1890s outfit, I read a lot of manuals from the era on doing the hems of skirts. It's really neat to see you doing all the steps! It looks very pretty and I'll bet that it makes a nice swishy noise when you wear it.


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